Server x50 Grand opening


Open Beta Test PeaceMU

    Hello dear Mu Online players, our project coming to final-final stage of development. Have been bad day's and good day's during these couple of days. Stay tuned and keep up with our project coming alive!
    We made server by our own vision of Mu Online, after OBT will end all characters, coins, items will be deleted.
    We are going to announce opening dates one by one, first will open X50 server. More information in our forum page.
    First subserver for the regular gameplay with pve and pvp. By the time will be added extended subservers after we growing in game envirment.
    Plenty of monster spawns on every map, designed for skills of any range. Better experience when playing in a party, real increased gains, by +5% and up to +30% compared to when playing alone. Classes with different speed, skills, gear will immprove by resets along with monsters.
    On our webshop, you will find no wings, 380lvl and socket items. Only Sets, Weapons and Shields that can have max 2 excellent options, 11 level items (in-game 15 level items only).
    Roleplaying would be a vital thing of pvp, in any game. We created difference between pvp and pvm, each class may be bit better than other in pvm similar like pvp. Different people know difference definition about "balance", but most immportant thing is about how useful they should be. So we use the build-in specialization bonus and allow you to switch different character builds after each resets when player character reach 400 level to continue his journey.
    Our project players get reward for every reset, every playd hour, every killed boss. This gives more incentive to play and doesn't force you to go hardcore just to get a big reward, when the item you actually want to buy costs only half of that. Most of drop configurated to adjust more about experiences to immprove loyal player for server, who enjoys this immprovments. Most of monster spawn points are created with different type people experience playing mu online.
    Keept most of ideas with Webzen development as well gave our own vision. From 72 level monster and up we increased our project monster abilitys to more be like "reset server".

OBT Bonus : additional 10 Resets

PeaceMU Administration

Posted19 / 01 / 2018

Currently this is only one server.